Name: 聲gel Raymond Quinones Castellano
Age    : 23                       Gender : Male
Height : 7' 9"                    Weight : 775 lbs. [Apparent Weight: 295 lbs.]
Eyes   : Brown                    Skin   : Tanned
Hair   : Black                    Build  : Powerful

A tall and powerfully built young man, 聲gel is obviously of mixed hispanic heritage. His skin is tanned almost copper. He keeps his black hair short cropped and is clean shaven. He has very little body fat and his musculature is well sculpted.

He moves with the confidence of a skilled athlete and trained fighter. He is quite handsome when he smiles, but his smiles are few and far between. Typically his clothing is comfortable, easy to move in, and durable. He prefers dark jeans, a t-shirt, and boots.

聲gel Raymond Qui隳nes Castellano was the only child of a single mother growing up in the Hispanic district of Harbor City. His father died at sea before Ximena even knew she was pregnant. His mother, Ximena Qui隳nes Castellano, did the best she could and 聲gel was a happy child. At least until the summer after his ninth birthday when his mother was killed in a gang related drive-by shooting.

After his mother's death, 聲gel was taken in by his grandfather, Juli嫕 Qui隳nes P廨ez. Faced with an angry boy, Juli嫕 turned to boxing and soccer to give his grandson acceptable outlets. 聲gel fell in love with the sports and started to do well in school.

After High School, 聲gel spent a few years in the Merchant Marines becoming an able seaman. When his grandfather started having medical problems, 聲gel left the fleet and became a dock worker.

A bit over a year ago, there was an explosion and fire on the docks. 聲gel rushed in to help rescue those injured or trapped. While working he was exposed to something that caused him to permanently change. When he rushed into the fires, he was 6' 3" and when it was over, he stood 7' 9" and weighed far more than he looked.

With no way to conceal his identity, 聲gel decided to accept his public identity but he doesn't go out of his way to broadcast it. He decided to turn his attention to the street crime of his neighborhood with a particular focus on gang activity.

Angel manifested his power after being exposed to an unknown combination of chemicals while engaging in rescue activity during a dock fire. His power caused him to grow and his density to more than double.

He possesses super-human strength and durability. In addition to his heightened density, his soft tissues seem to behave like a non-Newtonian fluid. The greater the speed and force he is hit with, the harder his flesh becomes.

Due to his increased density, he is unable to float and has great difficulty swimming. Which brings into question, why does he continue living on his power boat?

Combining his strength and increased mass, it is no surprise that his unarmed attacks can deliver staggering damage. He can punch through a cinder block wall with ease. He has also destroyed cars, trucks, and ripped open shipping containers when needed.