Name: Atalanta
High concept: Boisterous demi-goddess
Trouble: 'Save The Aliens' wants to 'save' her.
Power: Immortal descendant of Pyrrha, the daughter of the Titan Epimetheus & Pandora, and Zeus
(Regeneration, Super Toughness, Super Strength)
Top skills: Physique, Athletics, Fight

Aspect: "My eyes are up here."

Wavy blonde hair tumbles to her shoulders. Her buxom figure doesn't hide her solid muscles. She speaks with a slight accent that non-Greeks would identify as Greek and Greeks wouldn't (it's actually ancient Boeotian). She wears modern clothes (not tunics or robes).

She really is the heroine of Greek myth: the one who hunted the Calydonian boar, the only woman to sail with the Argonauts, and an expert wrestler who defeated Peleus (the father of Achilles). She's a bit miffed to find she's best remembered for losing a foot-race.

Atalanta is usually confident and cheerful, with a broad sense of humor. She often needs help coping with the present day: she can't even grasp paper money, and the local shops and banks have seen an unexpected upsurge in dollar coins.

She's officially employed as a 'test subject' at the university. Contrary to assumptions, her participation is voluntary (and paid!) and the research is ethical: mostly she's helping scholars with what she can recall of her time and what she knows about other myths, with the occasional blood sample or scan for medical research. This hasn't stopped a protest-cum-terrorist group called STA ('Save The Aliens') from being convinced she's an alien who's been brainwashed and held against her will.