The Shrike
The Shrike is one of many figures who've stepped out of the shadows to fight those crimes the police can't or won't handle. He has been moderately successful and hasn't manage to endear himself to anyone in the process but he still stands out. Because the Shrike has shown himself to be merciless in his pursuit of justice. True to his name, he's left people impaled on arrows as a testament to his passing. Wounded, crippled or dead. There are no rubber arrows where the Shrike is concerned.

Perhaps people would have to know where he came from to understand his methods, though even his own understanding of what happened to him is hazy. The Shrike was, in effect, a child soldier. Snatched from his European family and indoctrinated from an early age in the ways of the Order of the Dragon, by their own account an ancient order of monster-hunting knights who've identified superhumans as the new bogeymen.

While he was eventually saved from that existence as a teenager and some of the damage undone, even a young lifetime of trained reflexes and ingrained patterns is hard if not impossible to erase. In his mind, the Shrike does the most sensible thing imaginable. He was trained to hunt monsters; he puts that training to use. Except that the monsters he hunts wear human skins instead of scales and furs.

Part of his training included the ability to fashion his own weapons with old-fashioned methods which don't require modern tools. As such he's found employment in a small firm specializing in restoring old metalwork. To this end he has assumed the civilian identity of Darius Blackwelder.

Darius is 6'1" tall with a physique made up of lean, functional muscle comparable to an MMA fighter's build. His haid is a dirty blond (and gets shorn to stubble once a month or so) and his eyes are a pale shade of green veering on grey. When out and about as the Shrike, he wears black BDUs and ranger boots with what looks like a black motorcycle leather jacket, adorned with a stylized wing shape in gold across the chest and shoulders and reinforced with matte browned steel plates down his left arm. The only thing reminiscent of a classically superheroic look is a painted steel facemask which obscures his identity and offers minimum of protection. Other than his bow and quiver of arrows, he also carries a short but sturdy sword on his back.

Universal Soldier - Trained from a young age to fight and little else; just enough to not stand out.
Heart of Steel - Darius is emotionally stunted, feeling more comfortable working with metal than with people. At least he doesn't scare easily either.
Scary S.O.B. - The Shrike has a reputation; for better or worse.