Albion Malchias
Albion was born to a single mother who brought him over to the New World seeking a better life. Unfortunately, Albion was born with a spinal defect that made it almost impossible to walk, and his mother spent much of his early life caring for him. So as not to be a continued burden, Albion accepted a deal to receive cybernetic implants that would allow him to walk, in exchange for becoming an indentured servant. The procedure was botched, causing him to be exposed to a fatal amount of anima, but rather than dying he became an Elemental Scion.

Albion has bright red hair and a pale complexion that is dotted with freckles. He is muscular but thin, belying his now superhuman strength and stamina. Though he is an indentured servant, he is well-placed within his Lady's household as the personal administrator to her magitech devices, meaning he usually dresses rather formally. His cybernetics, which start at the base of his spine and travel down the length of his legs, are mostly invisible while he's wearing his work clothes, but are quite visible whenever he wears shorts.