Ilralyth, the Heart of Winter

Vitals: Alfar, Female, Approx. Age: 160; 6’1”, ~155lbs
Concept: Reluctant Avatar of Vengeance
Words: Passion, Vengeance, Winter


Ilralyth is in many regards prototypically Alfar, her sharp-lined face, piercing eyes and unmistakable ears marking her all too plainly as one of the Mother’s children. She stands tall and willowy but not without a little muscle on her frame, yet still a human eye might think her delicate at a glance. Indeed Ilralyth falls somewhere in that sphere of Alfar androgyny that can more than a little confusing to outsiders, her slight curves easily masked and features just bordering on masculine enough to sow the occasional seed of doubt. Her hair of ash blonde and cold blue eyes stand in sharp contrast against her caramel skin, and that canvas also plays home to dull silvery tattoos across her face and back. The former are quite simple in design and coverage, merely framing the lines of her eyes and nose, while the latter curl down vine-like from about her spine to wreathe her upper arms and the crest of her shoulders. Her voice rings just a little cold and can sometimes seem flat and lacking in feeling. It bears an accent which has its roots before the coming of man, though it has drifted somewhat with time and travel.

Necessity has seen her wardrobe shift with the years, adapting to climes and moods and cultures. The present has Ilralyth frequently lingering in humanity’s shadow and accordingly she has come to favor a broadly blue-black pallet better suited to night work and urban environs. Certainly she still wears lighter colours and garbs herself more freely in times of relative peace, but even at the best of times she tends to dress simply and with little in the way of adornments.


Ilralyth is the product of a culture where mind speech – the heart’s voice – was regarded as the highest form of communication: an intimate and very personal act of sharing that allowed one the privacy to express themselves honestly. While they certainly made use of verbal speech, and even more so after humans arrived in the New World, she still bears their bias against the spoken word as a flawed form of exchange, one performative in nature that allows the speaker to act from behind a mask. Humans themselves have done little to shift this opinion. If anything time and suffering have only reinforced the belief that you should never trust that one incapable of mind speech is speaking from their heart.

As such Ilralyth can seem somewhat taciturn or aloof in social settings, playing her cards close to her chest and regarding others with no small amount of scrutiny. She could hardly be called impolite, offering cold courtesy at least, but neither would anyone who only knows her public face have cause to think to think her warm or even particularly concerned with the affairs of others. No doubt the awakening of her powers has made any ‘Ice Queen’ remarks seem all the more apt. Dedicated, duty-driven, distant.

Yet behind closed doors, and in the right circles, she cuts a different figure entirely.


Alda Loctamacil: The Tree of Swords. A militant Alfar resistance group. Ilralyth is a member of this group.
Erensie: Humans.
Ettelea: Outlanders. The races of the Old World.
Herenyalie: Dwarves.
Lairendor: The New World.
Lairelie: Alfar.
Mirwa Sanwe: Chain of Memories. A traditional piece of Alfar jewelry.
Ore-Latya: Opening the heart. Mind speech.
Quildaquen: The Reptite.
Sindisa: Ilralyth's tribe of origin.