Atzinia, The Half-Blood Dancer
    Vitals: Half-Alfar, Female, Age 21; 5'3", ~130 lbs
    Concept: Willful, Iconoclastic Dancer
    Words: Fertility, Dance, Freedom

    Despite her Alfar blood, plain in her almost platinum-white hair, the shape of her eyes, and her point-tipped ears, Atzi's physical appearance bears a fairly human shape. Somewhat short on average, her frame is built more like a bell, with elf-slender shoulders and a slight bust, but wider, curvier hips and thighs. Her skin is darker than that of the typical Alfar, and is also decorated with an array of lighter, patina-copper ink, tattooed in patterns and lines along her face, throat, arms, and by all indication, extending further beneath her clothing. She typically passes these patterns off as decorative, done with body paint, and occasionally uses a cosmetic foundation to conceal them. In truth, they are genuine anima tattoos of an Alfar Scion. Other cosmetic touches include verdant shadow for her eyes and other subtle and pleasing enticements. Atzi's voice is lower and warm in tone, and carries an obvious Reservation Alfarian accent, though her human language is fairly fluent, that aside.

    She typically favors greens and blacks, using darker tones with some gold highlights and decorative jewelry for her upper body, designed to draw focus to her upper body when she's not performing. She puts her hips to work when it comes to dancing, however, and much of the bulk of her legs is lean, strong muscle.

    Notably, Atzi has a great deal of expressive potential with her body language, and can communicate ideas and details that would seemingly be impossible simply through a glance, a gesture, or her posture. Such messages can be intended only for specific people or displayed more openly. Such communication can bypass language barriers.