Vitals: Human, Male, Age 41; 6'1", ~190 lbs
    Concept: Hired Gun
    Status: Heroic Mortal

    A man of few scruples, Croe has taken many types of jobs in both the Old World and the New. Known for getting results even when given the most difficult of tasks, he has made a name for himself to those who want dirty work done off the books.

    Murder, theft, espionage, and sabotage are Croe's specialties. It has aided his most recent employer, Dr. Eitri Draupnir, in his quest to destroy Medical Mechanika from within.

    After this last mission Croe hopes to disappear from Bascule as quickly as possible, as the money promised by Eitri should keep him and his crew covered for the rest of their lives.
    Croe is professional, clever, and charismatic. Despite his affluent personality, he surrounds himself men and women of the lowest sort. Murderers, drug addicts, and rapists. He says they make the best sort of people for this kind of work, as they won't be missed if they fall during a mission. Unlike his companions he appears cultured, and possesses some form of honorable code.

Croe's Theme: Layer Cake