Sarah Greene
Name: Sarah Greene
Age    : 22                      Gender : Female
Height : 172 cm                   Weight : 64 kg
Eyes   : Emerald green            Skin   : Pale
Hair   : black               Build  : Athletic

Sarah Greene stands 172 cms tall and weights in at about 64 kg.  She appears unnaturally pale for a human and has emerald green eyes, and jet black hair that she wears in a short ponytail barely reaching her neck.  Her form is athletic, with subtle curves, she is often found drinking some green tea near her work station.  Her choice in uniform is the traditional yellow starfleet regulation uniform, with a type one phaser attached at her hip, and a tricorder attached to the other.

    Sarah grew up on the isolated colony of Telphin 2B, a small desolate wasteland colony that's primary export was exotic nitrates and Amines from the planet's thick toxic atmosphere.  At a balming -198 * C, Telphin 2B was hardly considered habitable and it took everything the colonists had to just keep the colony afloat.  Systems were constantly failing and having to be fixed so its little wonder that Sarah learned her way around various systems.  She learned the saying "Its not broke, it just needs alittle TLC" from her mom Carol Greene, who helped keep the atmospheric processing systems running, well her father Nathan Greene, focused heavily on processing the various solids into their gaseous forms.
       Her father had always been stubborn in that even though they were members of the federation their loyalty should first and foremost be to the colony.  This lead to a major conflict between them as Sarah approached 16 and put in her application to Starfleet Academy.  Her father felt it was a violation of her responsibilities to the colony, and all the efforts that he'd put into raising her 'right' the argument lasted almost two days, and resulted in her crashing on her friend Karen's bed for the rest of the month until the supply shuttle came to take her to the academy.
     Sarah's talent with machines and technology showed right off the bat at the academy and attracted the attention of Dr Edward Halsey, one of the adjunct instructors when it came to courses on starship repair and maintenance.  He became a mentor of hers and spent the next six years slowly directing her education along the lines that would eventually lead her to a chief engineer position, supposedly.  Due to her clean record and outstanding test results she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior grade a week before her graduation.

Control 11 Daring 8 Fitness 8 insight 10 presence 8 reason 9

Engineering 5 Command 2, Conn 3 , security 2, science 2, medicine 1

I know my ship - Whenever you attempt a Task to determine the source of a technical problem with your ship, add one bonus d20.

Constantly watching

Testing a theory

Untapped potential

Focuses - Damage control, Transports and replicators, Tactical systems, Warp field dynamics,  EVA, Electro plasma power systems

Values "its not broke, it just needs alittle TLC", "Manuals are meant for memorizing"
"Never leave a man behind" "if its hard its worth doing"