Name: Lieutenant (j.g.) T'Saen
Age    : 22                       Gender : Female
Height : 167 cm (5' 5")           Weight : 52 kg (114 lbs)
Eyes   : Brown                    Skin   : Pale
Hair   : Black                    Build  : Lithe

Character Biography - Childhood: T'Saen was born and raised amongst a small pirate fleet captained by her father, a Vulcan named Delvok. T'Saen's mother, a Human named Rory Teague, was a former smuggler along the neutral zone who fell in with Delvok and his Le-Matya Freebooters and joined his crew first as a pilot, and then as his wife.

T'Saen and his daughter follow a code of logic much different from the teachings of Surak. Instead of the pure logic of subsuming ones emotions, they follow the teachings of the sage Tu'Bantu, who taught the logic of chaos, in both the mathematical and more universally defined definitions. Everything, Tu'Bantu taught, evolved out of chaos. Everything remains chaos. Gravity, elements, evolution, all spun out of cosmic disorder. The only logic is in embracing chaos, and looking for the patterns inherent therein.

T'Saen showed an interest in and affinity for flying from an early age, delighting in the crew's hair's-breadth escapes from all manner of foes: Federation, Klingon Empire, Orion Pirates, and others.

When T'Saen was only 16, she was the chief pilot of the Red Claw, when the entire fleet of six ships was ambushed by the Federation. Three ships were destroyed in combat. Two escaped, including the one her father captained. Her ship was captured.

As it happened, T'Saen had an aunt working for Starfleet that she'd never known about nor met. When T'Saen's trial neared, Becky Teague showed up and offered her a choice: carry on with the trial, or enter Starfleet Academy (as it turned T'Saen's mother had kept in contact with her sister and had made arrangements in the event she and her husband were no longer able to care for their daughter). T'Saen reluctantly accepted.

Character Biography - Academy: T'Saen was considered something of a troublemaker. Already an accomplished pilot but unused to helming larger starships, she had a penchant for attempting maneuvers that were beyond both her capability and that of the training simulators. Because of her smaller stature and her petulant attitude, she was also the target for bullying and other physical altercations, finding herself before a disciplinary board more than once, though she was never kicked out of the Acedemy and her punishments were rarely more than loss of leave or extra duties.

Placement on the USS Belfast: Because of T'Saen's rather reckless and carefree attitude, she's been placed aboard the Belfast as a last-best hope of getting her in line.