John Garrity

===== PERSONAL DATA ===========================================

Name : John Bradford Garrity   |Height: 5'11"
Player: Hegemon                |Weight: 162lbs
Species: Human                 |Hair Color: Brown
Gender: Male                   |Hair Style: Styled Regulation
             Age: 25                        |Eye Color: Green
             Handedness: Right              |Skin Color: Caucasian

Environment: Star Fleet
Upbringing: Starship
Traits: Human, Respected by Romulans
Assignment: USS Belfast
Rank: Lieutenant Jg

===== ATTRIBUTES =======================================================

                    |                   |                   |
     CONTROL:10    |     FITNESS:8     |    PRESENCE:10     |
      DARING:8     |     INSIGHT:10     |      REASON:10     |

===== DISCIPLINES ==============================================================

                  |                  |                  |
     COMMAND:4     |    SECURITY:3    |  SCIENCE:2        |
        CONN:4     | ENGINEERING:2     | MEDICINE:1        |

===== VALUES ===================================================================

_1. Nothing less than Perfection
_2. Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.
_3. Nothing Better Than Practical Experience
_4. Family Are Those You Care About

===== FOCUSES ==================================================================

_1. Starship Protocol
_2. Strategy/Tactics
_3. Lead By Example
_4. Mental Discipline
_5. Empathy
_6. Team Dynamics

Character Biography - Childhood - John was the Son of Captain JB Garrity(Now Admiral). Famed Starfleet Captain who was known to drive his crew to perfection because he accepts nothing else in himself. His wife died while John Jr was young, so John was raised in much the same manner that the Captain ran his ship. Fun was not as important as grades and behavior. None the less, John Jr worshipped his father, and wanted to become him when he grew up.

The most significant event of young JB's life was his father decided to take his son on a rare excursion for fun. Posted near the Neutral Zone, his father took him to camp planet side. Unknown to the Garrity's a small Romulan Listening post was located on Planet. Young JB got separated from his father, and discovered a Romulan teen boy. The Romulan was curious about the who had landed on the planet sneaking off to see the outsiders. During this time; Captain Garrity and the Romulans were close to starting a Galactic War. The Teens encounter a fearsome reptilian Predator that was stalking them. The boys worked together to escape and eventually defeat the beast. The boy was the Romulan Commander's son, and the cooperation the boys gave example for the Federation and Romulans to work towards a Diplomatic solution.

His father dreamed that his son would one day follow in his footsteps. John was trained by the best people the Captain could provide. One of the most influential and toughest taskmaster was a Zakdorn master strategist, Mazr Xig.

Character Biography - Academy - Being the Child of a Star Fleet Captain comes with no perks. The instructors seek to eliminate those that thought they were entitled by their name alone. John was use to the rigor because his childhood. But, one thing happened that he never thought would. He made friends that were closer than his own family. He no longer strove to fulfil the dream of being like his father. He now served because it was the right thing, and those he served with were going to make a difference.

The toughest test for a Command track Officer is the Kobayashi Maru simulation. He quickly realized that defeat was inevitable, but he believe that even though the battle would be lost some of his crew could escape. He fought an evasive battle that focused on drawing the enemy in and allowing as many as possible to escape by shuttle.