Cecla Crownshield
As dwarven women go, Cecla is a sharp featured example with the combination of slightly less then broad cheek bones and a sharper point of a chin giving her an almost hawkish look with the added detail of her typically prominent nose. That impression is only made more so by the dark brown of her eyes that seem to shine with that stubbornness and pride that can only truly be found in the men and women of the Dwarfholds. Her complexion though speaks of long hours of travel under the vast vault of the sky, a natural swarthy hue augmented by the relentless attention of the elements found high and low. Contrasting the shade of her skin though is the relatively light hue of her copper hair kept in a simple sturdy braid down to her waist. It's length having obviously benefited from a great deal of care and speaking, in some fashion or another, to her station and age.

In form, Cecla is much like other dwarves with a robust and stocky build defined further by toned muscle and the aesthetic touches common to the women of most species. By comparison though it's easy to note she is slimmer and a fraction more delicate against the example set by the more commonly seen men of her mountain dwelling folk. Though anyone who would think less of her in a row for that is a dead fool in the making. A smattering of scars giving all the evidence needed for that.