Wolfgang Schoenauer
Wolfgang Schoenauer is a human student. He is the second son of Theobald and Linde Schoenauer. His older brother is named Bernard, and he has three younger sisters. Yvonne is the eldest of the three. She is just over a year younger than he and is his best friend. The  twins, Runhild and Arnhild, were conceived ten years later but were, sadly, stillborn. Wolfgang was raised on his father's horse farm in the region of Ostermark known as the Veldt. While his mother was pregnant with his twin sisters he had a recurring in which he foresaw the morbid and sad circumstances of their birth. He was barely a teenager at the time, and the experience has shaped him into a morose young man who is fascinated by the power of divination. For the past few years he has been enrolled at the University in Altdorf where he studies Astrology and Magic Theory in hope of harnessing the power that had visited him, briefly, all those years ago.