Edmund Beraht
Edmund Berhat, a steely-eyed man of no great stature or particular attractiveness. He is a man covered in dust and dirt most days, stained by the rust of the iron mines or the dust of surveying. Simply dressed, he carries his life upon his back, searching for new opportunities. He speaks with a rural Riekslander's drawl.(Sigmar's Heirs indicate Coal and Iron mines in the area)

Height: 5'9
Eye Color: Steel Grey
Weight: Around 150lb
Build: Average
Dooming: Your death will come at the time you choose.

Dressed in well cared for clothing, all shades of stained browns and earth tones. Heavy trousers and shirt with a stiff leather jacket. Trousers legs are bound and bloused inside scuffed boots. A stiff headscarf is wrapped around his neck and a brimmed cap sits upon his traveling pack. His equipment is festooned upon the pack and on his person, a heavy pick for stone breaking, a spade for exploratory digging, and a heavy storm lantern. A smaller more multi-purpose pick hung off his hip. (Forgot to include Dagger and Hand Weapon from Character Gen)

His skin is weather and mine beaten, his hair kept short because of the heat in the earth.