Story Teller
Born on Sept. 30th 1987 in Boulder Colorado the second of three children (Molly, 1st, Jonathan, 2nd) to Roger and Emry Castlebrook. Graduated cum laude from high school in 2004, spent two years at Front Range Community College, studying Computer Science where she met her ex husband Julian Frakes. Growing bored with her degree, she ended up speaking with an Airforce recruiter at her school job fair. She joined on June 23rd, 2006 and became an Air Traffic Controller.

She was married before she left for service, where she was stationed in England. She then found herself hopping from place to place, even serving a dull tour in Afghanistan. This took a toll on her marriage, as the constant moving around caused stress. They parted ways as close friends on January 13th 2015. With the opening of Special Forces positions in 2016, Sylvia jumped at the chance, becoming one of the first women to qualify as a Combat Controller. She was soon stationed to New Mexico, where after a short wait, and the high demand for Combat Controllers brought her into action in Iraq.

Veteran of Operation Inherent Resolve. Deployed with Woman's YPJ in February 2017. Served during phase 3 of the Raqqa campaign offensive operations to isolate Raqqa from it's eastern countryside coordinating air strikes in Al-Thawrah. She would go on to call in air strikes during the battle to secure several small hamlets near Eastern Raqqa, and the village of Suwaydiya Kabir in late February. During the offensive in March, her unit found themselves well ahead the main force. Unfortunately, this led to her unit being ambushed. She was captured by ISIL forces on March 5th. She spent the next several weeks in a prison in Raqqa. She was later freed by a YPG raid on June 3rd. As an American female, she was subjected to abuse and torture during her time, spending her time in a small dark hole in the prison she was held at. She returned to Cannon AFB in New Mexico on August 18th 2017 to recover from her injuries. She has been relegated to landing planes until November of 2018 and then mustered out of her unit as a Technical Sergeant.