Harriet Wilson
Harriet Suzanne Wilson
Goes by Hetty

DOB: 10th May 1995 (24)

Current Occupation: EMT

Harriet Suzanne Wilson was born on May 10th 1995, to Misty Burgess and John Maxwell Wilson, two Californian artists in their mid 20s who had met, barely a year ago. A passionate couple who's emotions both ran the gamut, at all times, their relationship would barely last beyond Harriet's first birthday. By the time Misty had broken about half the dishes in the kitchen, John had already hightailed it to San Francisco with yet another woman, of barely legal age. This left Harriet, an already unwanted child, in a home with a mother who preferred to drink, smoke and indulge herself in her personal pursuit of her own art.

Harriet grew up in a household mostly run by her two sisters, Nina, and Cody. Both Misty's daughters' from previous teenage trysts (Misty being 16 when Nina was born), they view Harriet in a much different light, with Nina quickly taking on the role of surrogate mother at the age of 11. Although Misty did (or at least, says she did) what she could to provide for her three daughters, the family often found themselves struggling to make ends meet. They moved around California a lot, both so Misty could pursue her own career and to escape angry landlords and creditors. This meant that Harriet never really developed any long-lasting friendships outside Nina and Cody. By the time she'd be enrolled in a new school, they'd already be packing boxes to move somewhere else. Harriet grew up into a quiet child who struggled academically, at every turn, but who finally found an outlet in sports.

When not in school, Harriet spent almost all of her time following Nina, who gave her a love for the outdoors that still lives strongly to this day. It was her older sister who showed her how to start a fire, how to kayak down a rapid and how to fish. By the time Harriet was 13, Nina was taking her along week long hikes along the different US continental and coastal trails. The last trail Nina would take her on would turn out to be the Appalachian Trail, during the summer when Harriet turned 16. That fall, Nina would end up on the receiving end of a mugging gone wrong and get shot for 11$ and her phone.


Originally from Sacramento, California
Grew up all over California
Moved to Texas and married Joe Chambers in 2017

Met her husband, Joe Chambers, while hiking the Appalachian Trail by herself in June of 2016.

Has an Associate of Science in EMT Paramedic from the American River College, in Sacramento. Wanted to be a Physical Therapist but didn't have the grades. Still hopes to go back to school.

Was a Track & Field “star” in both high schools and during her community college days. Played on the ARC women's volleyball team.

Extremely into the outdoors. Loves hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and just camping out in the woods. Enjoys fishing as well, but isn't really into hunting. Will always leave the city whenever she has more than a weekend off.

Very Fit and athletic. Runs every day.  Lean and toned runner's body-type. Tall and slender.

Thinks doing cross-fit is a great idea for a date.

Dark blond hair usually pulled into a ponytail. Brown eyes. Long face

Kind, energetic, humane, quiet, reserved.

Worked part-time as a fitness instructor before being an EMT.

Has a dislike of guns, seeing as her sister was killed in the mugging.

Family & Siblings
Parents: Misty Burgess and John Maxwell Wilson
Harriet's parents divorced shortly after her first birthday.

Misty Burgess
1969- present (50)
Occupation: Artist
Currently divorced
Has a distant relationship with Harriet, the only child to be born out of her relationship with John Wilson, Harriet's father.

John Maxwell Wilson
1968-present (51)
Occupation: Artist
Currently divorced, left Misty Burgess when Harriet was 1
Almost non-existent relationship with Harriet

Nina Burgess
1985-2011 (26, would be 34)
Half sister (Misty's daughter)
Was working on her Botany PhD, shot and killed during a mugging
Was very close to Harriet, passed on her love of the outdoors to her sister

Cody Burgess
1989-present (29)
Half sister (Misty's daughter)
Writes for an online news outlet
Although she grew up with Harriet, they were never very close. Cody was always the social and good looking one in the family. With Nina's death, Cody and Harriet have grown a bit closer, but still, keep in touch mostly online.

Christian Wilson
1989-present (30)
Half brother (John's son)
Works as an IT Tech in San Francisco, married, has a son.
Harriet and Christian barely ever saw each other as he left with John when Harriet's parents divorced. They have kept in touch mostly through the Internet, rarely seeing each other. Harriet feels she has very little in common with Christian.