Lt Jg. William Durr
parents - polar opposites of each other, but the definition of "opposites attract"

father - actuary, quiet and practical

mother - owns/operates a butcher shop. avid hunter, insists that using stands or blinds is not hunting, but "waiting". Much of Bob's tracking skills came from going on hunts with his mother.

sister - knows how to push buttons in the way that only siblings can, but still manages to maintain a good relationship with Bob.

Nickname - something he tried to fight for many years, but after it was given to him independently multiple times he learned it was just easier to accept it.

Career - became obsessed with aviation early on and stayed obsessed with flying, initially pursuing a job as a commercial pilot. he decided that he didn't enjoy the regulations and restrictions. his parents were not thrilled about the idea of the air force, but supported his idea for the coast guard, mostly given that their knowledge didn't go much past that they did search and rescue operations.