Raz Camora
Character Details

Name: Detective Raz Camora

Age: Around 88

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Hey, a lot of stuff happens in eighty years.

Appearance: Raz's physical body is invisible but he swears up and down it's pretty good. From looking at his clothes, you'd guess around 5'9", with a medium build, with a narrow waist and hips. Carries himself with the cheerful exuberance of a showboating entertainer and the quick wit of a snarky conman. Tends to dress in smart, retro digs and leans toward business casual. You gotta look good to fight evil, or so he says. When out and about he wears gloves, a big hat, and usually something around his face to give it structure and not give anyone a heart attack - sometimes a balaclava, sometimes bandages, sometimes a big old scarf with huge sunglasses. Depends on his mood. He usually tells the norms he has a severe case of albinism and has to cover up.

Human or 'Monster'? (eg: Supernatural): Humanish (super cursed) (O-Class)

Powers (if Super): Invisibility? It's permanent. He considers it more of a handicap. Effective immortality, barring being maimed. Harder to kill than a normal human.

Skills (if Human or Not Super): Street smarts, useful connections out the wazoo, lots of money in the bank (playing stocks for eighty years adds up), pretty damn near encyclopedic knowledge of everything the Sanctum has eyes on; cults, creepy-crawlies, things that go bump in the night... Raz is your go to guy to get the skinny on just about everything and anything. Definitely more comfortable in the role of a researcher and bookworm. He's handy with firearms and most conventional martial weapons but he doesn't have any superhuman reflexes, strength, ect. Physically, he's basically a regular guy. Notably harder to kill. Speaks several languages passably.

Weaknesses: Being invisible sucks. Whatever cursed him probably still has his number.

Occupation: Sanctum Researcher, Private Investigator, World's Greatest Detective (self-proclaimed), and Art Forger (sadly retired)

Living At: Wherever he's needed. Moves around a lot depending on cases he's working. Originally from the east coast. Likes to take summers in LA. Everyone's so weird there they didn't really notice him.

Character Depth

History (where are you from? How did you get here? Why are you here? ect...): [Redacted]

As the years went by, Raz finally put his big brain to good use and spent more time sniffing around things he shouldn't, searching for answers, a cure, anything that could shine light into the lunacy that was his new life. His impressive sleuthing skills landed him on the Sanctum's radar. They ended up taking him under their wing, and Raz found a place as one of their researchers and an incredibly effective field detective. He's a pretty big name among the nerdy research people.

He liked working with the Sanctum but it wasn't really a secret he was pretty surly and depressed. Found out the hard way he's tougher than most guys after "falling" in front of a bus. Thought maybe he'd just have to run out the clock the old fashioned way. When he hit 40 without feeling a day older than when he'd first vanished, he realized that might not be possible. Ended up making a pretty good recovery and worked through most of his trauma, still has the occasional off day, but at least isn't a jerk to his co-workers anymore.

These days he loves hunting down baddies, helping folks, and solving mysteries. The greatest mystery of all is how to break his curse. In all his years of research, he still hasn't seen anything quite like it, and can find only minimal information on the entity responsible.

Personality: Raz has the pleasant, fast-talking voice of a 1950's radio host, complete with a lots of out of date slang and jargon. He's a theatrical, fun-loving guy who loves people, stories, and people with good stories. A sharp eye for detail and dazzling powers of perception make him a pretty damn good detective - and a very nosy friend. It's hard to keep secrets from him. While boisterous and kind-hearted around his allies, there's a mean streak in Raz he's carried since he was young. He can't seem to shake it. He isn't fair when it comes to dealing with bad guys and has no qualms about playing dirty. He gets some pretty good kicks out of taunting them and being generally cruel. There's a sore spot in his ego that can make him hot-headed and easily provoked.

Likes and Hobbies: Has a voracious appetite for knowledge and seems familiar with just about every piece of literature and play under the sun. Loves music and dancing, or showing off how good he is at dancing. Likes drinking a little too much sometimes. Is a skilled painter. Used to make some money forging art but had to quit that at the behest of his employers. Boo.

Dislikes and Pet-Peeves: People making bad jokes about his condition - only he's allowed to do that. When people don't take their shoes off in the house. Being ignored. The usual.