Orion (Ori) Hark
Character Details

Name: Orion "Ori" Hark

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Standing at a height of almost 5'5" tall, Ori is not towering over just about anyone. He is thin, but not overly skinny, more athletic. Ori takes care of himself to ensure he is in good shape. Soft dark brown hair, cute, short and mostly unstyled, but never unclean. His eyes are a soft blue color, and his features a bit feminine. He has a few scars on his hands, little things that look like they came from a knife. He had a Tattoo on his back the covers most of the expanse of it as well. Soft lightly tanned skin, and a sense of style that doesn't always make sense.

Human or 'Monster'? (eg: Supernatural): Human, kind of. Half Immortal?

Powers (if Super): Shadow Lord : Can reanimate souls from dead bodies, and store them. The number of souls that he can store and reanimate depends on the level of his intelligence. The chances of being able to reanimate a body depend on the time gap between reanimating and the death of an individual and the gap between his strength and the individual he is trying to reanimate. He can only attempt to reanimate the body only 3 times.


Shadow Extraction - (no mana required) - A shadow soldier is created from a body without life by taking out its mana. The chance of failure increases the higher the target's stats are, and the more time passed since the target's death. Shadows able to be extracted: 20/20

Save Shadow - (no mana required) - Can absorbs the created shadow soldiers and save them. Saved soldiers can be summoned and reabsorbed whenever and wherever the animator desires. 1 Shadow Slot for a Weak Shadow(A shadow more then 3 levels below you), 3 Shadow Slots for a Medium Shadow(A shadow one level below you), 5 Shadow slots for a Strong Shadow(a shadow your level or one level higher). Number of Shadows able to save: 15/15

Shadow Minions- Shadow Slots: 10/15
NameAmountKind Of Shadow
Weak Shadow2One Rabbit (Flick), One Eagle (Night)
Medium Shadow1One Alpha Wolf (Garen)
Strong Shadow1One Human Fighter(Hamish)

Weaknesses: Naive, Ori is not new to the world of monsters and the troubles that come along with them but he is Incredibly Naive when it comes to others. He always wants to see the best in other, to a fault. He also is not very skilled in personal combat, instead choosing to take the back line away from danger. He can defend himself, but he is not fighter.

Occupation: Researcher, Subgigator

Living At: (I don't know, I suppose somewhere in San Diego)

Character Depth

History (where are you from? How did you get here? Why are you here? ect...): Orion Hark, names after his father, Orion Hark, who was names after his father, and so on. Born into a family that had nothing to do with the supernatural, Orion lived most of his life in a sweet false world where he believes that things would always work out so long as people could see eye to eye. However, at the age of fifteen he found that this was all a dream. He had been studying that night, a soft warm fall evening, when something crashed into his house. Alarmed and worried, Ori rushed downstairs to see a monster he had never seen before, because at this point he had never seen any monsters before, attacking his family. Ori rushed out to try and help, not letting fear stop him from wanting to help his family, as was promptly swatted away.

Stunned and more then a little blurry, Orion looked around as he saw the monster kill his family. But he was not alone, there was another man there, fighting the beast, trying to kill it. He was not fairing well, as he was wounded himself, and barely managed to fight the monster off until it retreated and he collapsed. Unable to do anything else he rushed to the man to try and help him, but there was nothing he could do. He watch, just as he had with his family, as the man 's life flowed out of him.

Something inside him snapped then, something thin and weak, like a barrier in his heart. When it did, Ori began to cry, he gripped the man that lay dead before him and screamed out his tears, demanding that the man wake up, to return and help him, to live and be well. Upon the 3rd time, something moved, something rose beside Ori and Ori gasped in alarm. It was the man, but different, his form was the same, but darker, like someone had colored him in with grey ink, adding a strange tint to him. Ori was also aware that the same man was also dead next to him. Ori trembled, and then threw up and passed out.

Several days later, in a hospital, Ori woke up and he remembered what had happened. He screamed and cried, unable to face what had been done to him and his family. Doctors came in, and other people, some how, he knew they were not normal, but he didn't know how. After letting him cry himself out, they told him who they were, and who the man that had saved him was. His name had been Hamish, and he had been one of them. Some kind of hunters, or order keepers that tried to make sure that what happened to Ori, didn't happen to others. To their surprise, Ori was not all to accepting of what they said, and in a burst of anger, the man that had saved him, or rather, the shadow of him surged forth and brought himself between them, to protect the boy. The shadow could not speak, but the others seemed to understand that the boy was, in a way, like them.

It took some convincing, about a years worth of it, as Ori worked through his loss, before he agreed to join them and help do what Hamish had tried to do for him. Since then, Ori has devoted himself to learning more about himself, his powers, and the monsters that would hurt others.

Personality: Kind, welcoming, Naive, and a bit shy. Ori is not bad with people, he likes being around others and likes having friends. despite the tragedy of his life, he has seen the brighter side of things when he can. He welcomes others as friends, and isn't afraid of physical contact. He can be emotional and weepy some times, but he does his best to do what he cane when he can. That being said, Ori is not the kind of person you want to see Angry.

Likes and Hobbies: Collecting. Ori likes to take pictures of things, and collect them. He likes to eat and to cook, and he likes having friends. There isn't too much that Ori does not like in some way.

Dislikes and Pet-Peeves: Being short, Don't bring it up, you'll make him pout. Rudeness to others. Ori is able to take people being rude to him, but not to others, this is a bad button to press. Giraffes, Ori is convinced they are evil devil horses and can not be swayed on this belief. He does not trust them, and will actively seek to convinces others of the same if the subject is brought up.


A soft, grey bunny that was once Ori's favorite pet.

An eagle that Ori found wounded and tried to nurse back to health, now it serves as his eyes when he is in need.

Once the alpha wolf of it's pack, now it serves Ori with unending loyalty.

Once a member of the Aurora Sanctum. He died trying to save Ori and his family, now he pledges himself to Ori's defense, even in death.