William Granz
Character Details

Name: William Granz (Real Name is Atish)

Age: He appears to be around 28 years old, but his true age in unknown, even to him.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pan sexual

Appearance: Six Feet or 182CM

Human or 'Monster'? (eg: Supernatural): Human... Mostly.

Powers (if Super): Partial Immortality- William seems like just any other man. He is human, seeming, and doesn't have any outward abilities of powers. He can even die. William's problem is he can't stay dead. After his death, about 1-12 hours, never more, William is brought back to life by the forces of the world it's self.

Skills (if Human or Not Super): Master Swordsman, Blacksmith, Fletcher, Leather-worker, Tailor, Potter, Alchemist, Brawler, Roofer, Historian, Carpenter, Farmer, Slight of Hand Expert, Herbalist, And many more. William has lived long enough to prefect many arts and skills. Mostly due to boredom.

Weaknesses: He is human, he can be killed or slain by anything that would kill any other normal man. Also he is Insane, which is either evident from first meeting with him, or discovered after enough contact.

Occupation: Currently, Exotic Merchandise Magical Arms Dealer

Living At: San Diego. he had a plot of land with a seemingly small house near the outskirts of the city.

Character Depth

History (where are you from? How did you get here? Why are you here? ect...): William has a deep past and if in the right mood, or bored, to share them.

Likes and Hobbies: William finds joy in the little things, collecting, talking, listening to others about their histories, sharing his own stories. His Favorite Hobby is trying to kill himself, however pointless it may be.

Dislikes and Pet-Peeves: William is not a fan of rudeness. People will live their life as they wish, but Rudeness is a choice. He also does not like Tapers, Because he believes he knows the truth about them.

Writer Details

What do you want out of this game?Humor and fun interactions with William.