Eydis Lokvici
Character Details

Name: Eydis Lokvici

Age: 805, born on the first of the year 1215

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Omnisexual

Appearance: Eydis is a striking woman both in appearance and presence. She's of average height, athletically toned, keeps her hair short in some unique style she happens to prefer at the time and is inked on various parts of her body ranging from seriously detailed art to cartoon characters. Over half of the designs are writing in a few different languages and symbols.

At present, Eydis tends to dress androgynously. Only on rare occasions will she wear anything feminine. This is not due to any real preference. Her work just makes jeans, leather or even suits more viable.

Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Weight: 128 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Light Green or Gold (when shapeshifting or accessing memories)

Human or 'Monster'? (eg: Supernatural): Demigod-ish, Trickster

Powers: Shapeshifting*, Above average senses**, Eidetic Memory+, Regeneration++

* Due to a 'mishap' in her past, Eydis can no longer shapeshift as frequently or hold her alternate forms indefinitely. The transformation causes her pain to increase and the strain causes her to snap back into her natural form once her mind and body are pushed to their limits.

** Much like an animal, her senses are sharp but they come with some quirks.

Sight: Eyesight is perfectly fine, picking up details at a half-mile in high light or low light.
Smell: As keen as a dog's though this doesn't pair very well with her sensitive stomach.
Taste: Her taste buds are highly sensitive but they don't register sugars, natural or otherwise. She prefers tartness and bitters.
Hearing: Was once fairly keen but the last few centuries of explosions, concerts, and too loud noises, in general, have dulled this sense. It's only slightly more acute than a human but not by much.
Touch: Highly sensitive to the point she can detect slight shifts in the air around her. Fun at house parties. Not so much with chronic pain.

+ Unfortunately for Eydis, this particular 'gift' from her father/mother is still functioning. There are no physiological signs that such a long, detailed memory has a limit. What this does to her mentally and emotionally is another matter.

++ Having the blood of a god in her veins does have its perks after all! Sort of. Or maybe not. Her body is able to replace missing limbs and fully heal itself after a time; preferably after a long rest. This, unfortunately, has made her susceptible to some experiments she would rather not talk about. Worse, prescription drugs are ineffective. She has yet to find a viable means of dealing with her physical pain other than being a grouch.

Weaknesses: See Above. Despite her best efforts, Eydis can be temperamental. She's also severely ticklish.

Occupation: Historian & Record Keeper; former Huntress

Living At: Aurora Sanctum Stronghold in San Diego, California; travels often

Character Depth

History: One of the who-knows-how-many offspring of Loki and one of his/her lovers, depending on what shape that tricky God felt like breeding in, Eydis was born out of the decapitated head of an unnamed giant; a great big incubator for a cast aside spawn. As a newborn babe, she crawled through snow crying her little head off until the wife of a farmer found her. The farmer didn't want another mouth to feed and didn't take kindly to having a burdensome babe turn into a burdensome wolf pup that gnawed off his finger. He threw her out in the cold again.

Living as an animal turned out to be easier than trying to rely on the kindness of humans. Granted, real animals found her scent bizarre and did not accept her either but she was able to scavenge and survive as a quadruped long enough to get back on her own two feet. Eydis eventually rejoined the human world for an entire year before she was reminded of what she was. Her father/mother happened upon her. He, and he was a he at the time, found her presence quite hilarious. More to the fact, he found her assumption that she was a person hilarious. It was a matter he quickly corrected by gifting her with an ability to keep her from forgetting ever again. He found that hilarious as well.

Loki was not the only one to 'correct' the misunderstanding. Once word spread in the supernatural world that there was a wayward demigod flouncing around with humans all manner of creature sought her out. At the time, Eydis found the attention flattering. She had, after all, spent many years on her own so having people that seemingly cared about her, pampered her, was a welcome change. That lasted until someone else found her predicament hilarious. A fairy princess was more than happy to explain that no one there cared about her. No, they cared about what she could do.

Eydis attempted to abandon the supernatural community and the fae that had taken her in but they had other intentions. Turns out that princess was right, after all. She went from honored guest to prisoner in the blink of an eye. Over two centuries she was kept chained in a dark stone room. Magic was tested on her, samples were taken, things were cut off, grew back, cut off again.

To keep her subdued, the venom from a snake was either kept constantly dripping on her skin or ingested through her food and water. This along with the magic sealing the cell kept her weak and pliable. It also caused lasting damage to her nervous system that did not reach a breaking point until much later.

In the year 1465, members of the Aurora Sanctum rescued Eydis. As she was told after the fact, it was a diplomatic mission but she clearly recalled that two hunters opened her cell door and broke through the magical barrier. After some years of research, she discovered that a representative had managed to negotiate her peaceful release but they had been prepared to pry her out of captivity by any means.

The century following her liberation was occupied by recovery and training. Eydis joined one of the Sanctum's strongholds in Romania where the two hunters called home. They taught her to hunt, called her sister and even gave her a true name instead of the derogatory ones the fae called her to that point. She became Eydis Lokvici there. She became a huntress. She became one of the best.

She was still recaptured in 1822 by the elder fae prince that had occasionally 'played' with her while they grew up. Eydis was not a prisoner for long this time. Unfortunately, like father like son, the use of that same snake venom on her compromised nervous system finally broke something in her that her regenerative abilities could not repair. Though she broke free, her brothers coming to her aid shortly thereafter, she was never the same. Debilitating pain made hunting dangerous not only for her but her partners.

Stubbornly, she stayed in the field until one mission nearly got herself and her then-lover and hunting partner killed. Watching her long-suffering recovery was far more sobering than the pain Eydis constantly lived with. So, with great reluctance, in 1888 she traded in her hunting gear for parchment and pen. Recording history was just as important as taking down rabid werewolves, so she's been told a thousand and one times.

Over the 20th century, Eydis migrated across Europe and eventually across the ocean to Canada. Necessity made her nomadic, going from one stronghold to the next sharing updated histories and helping organize records at each place. Then she was off again researching in the field until someone called her in.

As of 1980, Eydis has been officially labeled as a resident of San Diego. The Aurora Sanctum requested she set down roots there and establish a perpetually up-to-date database. They have hinted more often than not that she should stay put instead of risking herself in the field even for research. Unfortunately for them, her very blood is that of a restless and disobedient creature.

Personality: Contrary to Eydis and her father/mother's stupid blood, the demigod is predominantly pragmatic. She takes her job seriously, remains professional while on the job and tries her hardest to maintain that reputation.

That stupid blood of hers does make sure that she has to try very hard to behave at all times. She is a trickster genetically designed to view things with manipulation in mind, more often than not finding mischief and humor in the most somber of situations. When she is given an order, there are a dozen different ways she imagines loopholes around it whether she wants to or not.

As a result, Eydis can be short-tempered. She does have more patience for new faces since they can't possibly avoid stumbling over her unpredictable moods. With her friends, she's more relaxed and less careful about containing her emotions. As in, when they keep pressing her buttons when they know better she will let that short-fuse burn down to the powder.

But her most redeeming qualities are steadfast loyalty and persistence!

Likes and Hobbies: Regardless of her regret over retiring from hunting, Eydis has grown to love her job. It has given her Eidetic Memory a purpose aside from tormenting her and all the practice she's gained from writing helped her branch out from just recording supernatural histories to becoming a fantasy fiction author. It's rare she has the free time to finish a book in one or two decades so the three books that have been published are under different pseudonyms. They have been popular but she certainly isn't famous in the human world.

Discipline from her training days has kept her routinely engaging in physical fitness every day no matter where she is. She's really gotten into the CrossFit trend as of late and works out with a group in the city as often as the job allows.

Dislikes and Pet-Peeves: Tickling. Don't. Just don't. Just because you can and it's pretty funny watching a seriously grouchy demigod giggle like a fool, just don't.

Messing around and/or joking on the job. Save it for after hours.

Her own mood swings.

Her father/mother. Wherever he/she is they better just stay gone. Not her favorite person on the planet. AkA Daddy Issues.