Darby Vacca
Character Details

Name: Darby Vacca

Age: Unknown, about 300. Looks young.

Gender: Feminine, mostly.

Sexuality: Pansexual.

Appearance: Short auburn hair in a short bob cut. Deep brown eyes and tan skin. She often wears knee-length skirts with leggings underneath, and turtle necks. Her shoes are usually comfortable slip ons, and just wears not as fancy versions of this outfit even to hunt monsters. She is a rather tall woman at 6'3," and look relatively average on weight with some pudge over muscle. Oddly she has no breasts because of her reptilian nature.

As a fire drake she is seven feet tall, big claws and wine colored scales. Long necked and donned with horns and spikes she is quite scary. Her eyed turn blood red.

Human or 'Monster'? (eg: Supernatural): Fire Drake

Powers (if Super):
Transform into a Fire Drake. Grow wine colored scales for protection. Super strength, but nothing more than a half a ton. Is able to breathe out and in fire.

Skills (if Human or Not Super):
She is an inquisitive soul that is quite smart in a general area, especially in body language, communication, manipulation and problem solving.

Weaknesses: Darby can very well flip a switch on attitude with others. If someone has has committed almost any type of transgression against her or those she is loyal too she will be aggressive and rather difficult or just plain hostile. Darby also have a penchant for hoarding things, especially shiny things. Though she will be possessive over anything like objects, people or even certain spaces. Darby will hold grudges that will last lifetimes.

Occupation: Darby works as a jeweler, cleaning jewelry or enchanted items, as well as making amends to broken pieces or making new ones.

Living At: An apartment complex near Sanctum. She owns the complex and has done so for years. She does rent the apartments out even if she is very picky.  It is quite known as being a safe haven for kind and peaceful supernatural creatures with low rent. One just has to live with the fact that Darby usually considers you as part of her hoard that she might even show off to others, thus living conditions and gifts can be frequent. She lives in the basement of the place with high security because of enchanted items one of her tenants pays as rent.

Character Depth

History (where are you from? How did you get here? Why are you here? ect...):

Darby was born to a small family of dragons and drakes. She can't say that she relied on her parents or had much of a relationship with them. Drake grew up fast, and left the nest even faster. She moved from Europe as colonization started, a hope for more land and more freedom from crowded and dirty cities. She lived with natives rather than settlers, their way of life more admirable and move attune to her own wants and desires. She liked working but she never wanted to "climb the ranks" Darby was one to stand up to others, but as the world became bigger it was better to stay hidden.

She was always an activist of many things, and would jump from group for the sense of belonging and a sense of prescribed influence and collective towards others in them. She came unto the city for more work and access to more shiny and wanted objects as well as wanting to own a building to appease her more possessive side. The fact that she could house others in exchange for more shiny and special objects pleased her even more.

Her hoard consists of man things magic and mundane, and even has had a business of lending them out like a library, though she likes to keep as many in her space as possible. Darby doesn't like to use most of her enchanted items for fear of breaking or ruining them. Though she could fix it, she just is more of a collector.

Personality: Darby is a rather sweet and affectionate person, loving to compliment and shower those she considers close with gifts and affection. Darby is loyal, and a rather pleasant person. Though she can be possessive she has self restraint, but would rather indulge in her wants and desires of anything. She is a rather aggressive person, and this also transitions to when she doesn't like someone. Darby won't hide her feelings, and her grudges are known to last decades or even a lifetime depending on the transgression. Darby is rather childish in this way, and in comfortability she won't sugarcoat or beat around the bush. Darby isn't willing to lose if she thinks she is right. If she truly hates someone, or if someone is relatively new to her, she can show more self-restraint though this is moreso in the attempting to manipulation situations and people into her favor. While she can lie easily to strangers she has a hard time lying to someone she has any type of relationship with- even with those she dislikes.

Likes and Hobbies:
She loves beauty in anything, even if it is not conventionally so. She loves bees, and own serval hives on the top of the building with her smallish garden. Darby loves to polish rocks and make things. She loves kindness and generally making others happy. She loves candy and nail polish.

Dislikes and Pet-Peeves:
Darby hates those she thinks are arrogant, disrespectful or mean-spirited. Darby hates lying, dullness, too much crowds and a lack of consideration or empathy for others.