Dr. Evie Al-Fard
Name(s): Evie Al-Fard + Vasuki (Suki is fine)
Species: Vastra (S2 Class) Alien Symbiote + Host Hybrid
Occupation: Biologist
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: Never Ask a Lady
Theme: Fantasy by DyE

Photo of Evie Taken in 1984


At the request of the Aurora Sanctum, the Host submitted several volumes of research on the Symbiote. The observations cover 36 year period, beginning with initial contact in 1984. The Host was exposed while investigating the wreckage of an unknown craft in the Indian Ocean. The Host’s symptoms were well documented but cut due to their disturbing nature. Despite undergoing metamorphosis, the Host emerged with her identity fully intact.  She appears to be the dominant personality if dominance is defined as “performing motor functions necessary for survival”. For the sake of efficiency, classifications provided by the Host will be used henceforth. After all, the species is her discovery. Please see the following glossary:

Ashlesha – The Symbiote’s unique metamorphosis, from infection to assimilation. The cycle entails a caloric binge, the dissolving of the Host’s tissues, and rapid cellular reconstruction. Also referred to as “The Embrace”.

Vastra – The species of the Symbiote. The Genus is unknown. Hydrophiinae and Gymnothorax are both referenced throughout the Host’s research.

Vasuki or Suki –  The preferred name of the Symbiote. This is both a fascinating and concerning revelation.

Living At Aurora Sanctum, unless a mission requires a longer absence.


Pictures taken before 1984 depict an androgynous woman of Indian descent. She has curly hair and two beauty marks on the left side of her face. One under her eye, the other on her cheek. Contrasted against brown skin and hair, her green eyes are most striking. They do not look at you, they look through you.

After the embrace, Evie's human DNA was spliced with Suki's, creating the Vastra. Although Evie is capable of shapeshifting, her default appearance is similar to her human form, with Vastra's monstrous features bleeding through. Her hair has become greenish and iridescent scales cover her body. Her hands and feet are both webbed. She possesses gills capable of filtering water. Her rare smiles are filled with sharp teeth, and likely more than one row of them. Fused with a human, the Vastra greatly resembles Earthly depictions of sirens or mermaids. Evie can even make her lower body serpentine for swimming effortlessly through the water. Since it's unknown how long the Vastra eggs have laid at the bottom of the ocean, is also unknown how many animals and humans have fused with them. Perhaps they are linked to myths of merfolk and sea monsters in the east.


After decades of research and experience, Evie speculates the Vastra was used to create a warrior class. What culture practiced the ritual is still unknown, though Evie has theories. The greatest piece of evidence at her disposal is her body, meaning she keeps a fastidious record of her abilities.

The Vastra’s most exceptional adaption is incredible cellular growth. Once infected, the Host goes on a caloric binge before undergoing metamorphosis. The host’s tissues are dissolved and rebuilt from the slurry of mixed DNA. Evie’s research documents 4 distinct forms she and Suki can take, hybrid, armored, serpentine and human. The hybrid is easiest to maintain. Evie is also capable of replicating existing anatomy such as limbs, eyes and mouths, her energy withstanding.

To further support her warrior hypothesis, Evie can create armor out of skin cells, as well as a bio-weapon. As of 2019, only one has been documented, a trident. The full transformation gives Evie the appearance of a fairy tale knight. The aesthetic choice is likely a product of Evie’s subconscious, although she denies it. Any part of her detached for too long begins to decompose. It can not be reabsorbed after cellular death.

Her inability to age is the result of her cells being replaced at an incredible rate. While she is in peak physical shape, damaging her vital organs handicap her regenerative powers. She can also bleed out, go unconscious, or simply be unable to fix herself quickly enough to survive. Being submerged in water greatly improves her chances of survival and affects her overall health.


The physical and mental stress of the Embrace suggests hosts were trained to undergo metamorphosis. In the process, they relinquish their individuality to become a unified consciousness with the Vastra. This was not something Evie succeeded in. While Aurora's psychologists first hypothesized their symbiotic relationship functioned like Dissociative Identity Disorder, the reality is difficult to categorize. Neither Subjects experience the depersonalization that characterizes DID. There are no related symptoms, such as memory loss or a warped self-perception. Both can remain conscious simultaneously and they refer to each other as partners. While the relationship is not built upon trauma repression or a coping mechanism, it is being monitored closely.



The Host, Evie, is difficult to read. Her deadpan expressions and serious demeanor make her great at poker and terrible at making friends. Her distrust of authority figures is likely attributed to her family’s involvement in [REDACTED]. She tends to isolate herself and hyper-focus on projects, though she prefers to work outdoors than in a stuffy lab.

The symbiote, Suki, possess human-level intelligence. Despite his exposure to human society over the last 30-so years, he shows disinterest in most social constructs, including gender. His choice to adapt male pronouns comes from Evie's blunt definition of male (an organism that infects another with copies of its DNA). His superiority-complex and need for validation suggest deeper insecurities.

Likes Swimming, Audiobooks & Hour Long Baths

Dislikes Meat (Suki Loves it), Crowds & Being alone in open water.


"Both the Finger Prints and DNA testing came back inconclusive. Considering the mutation, it’s reasonable to assume the Subject’s genetic identifiers no longer match a legal profile. After a short investigation, the Aurora Sanctum was able to trace a paper trail. ~ Dossier"

Chapter 01 | Parasite

Evie's parents were the kind of people who feared what they didn't understand. [REDACTED]

Chapter 02 | Embrace

In 1984, Evie was a biologist with NASA, specializing in genetics and evolution. Her team was performing tests on a deep-sea rover when they discovered the wreckage of a ship. Foolishly, the team descended into the bowels of the strange craft. The architecture inside was unlike any seen before, containing chambers of air pockets and what could only be described as a Chapel. Inside were hundreds upon thousands of petrified eggs, some of which were already broken. It soon became apparent that the scientists were not alone.

One by one, colleges were picked off by a monster that lurked in the ruins. Mortally wounded, Evie bled out on the egg sample she collected and was infected by the symbiote dormant inside. Hours later, Evie’s body was discovered by fishermen and she was rushed to a hospital. The only survivor, Evie was questioned endlessly before returning home. But the scientist's ordeal had only just begun. Over the course of a week, Evie underwent the Embrace, where she and the symbiote became one in body, but not in soul.

Chapter 03 | Vastra

Over the next several decades, Evie dedicated herself to studying ad cultivating a partnership with the Vastra. After returning from leave, Evie was able to preserve her position with NASA for a time, but she soon became paranoid working right under the government’s nose. She knew the depths humans sunk to when they were afraid, and she was determined to spare Suki from the horrors of being a test subject. She retired and perused independent work, trying to track down any mention of the Vastra, or creatures similar. Her travels took her all around the Asian continent, chasing claims of mermaids, Lamia, naga... anything that could unearth a piece of the puzzle. Her journey eventually led her to the Aurora Sanctum where she’s since been voted scientist most likely to work herself to death. While Evie has turned her talents towards studying other supernatural beings, the Vastra is still her most enticing mystery.