Loki Lore
Character Details

Name: Loki Líore
Age: 78 (looks 22)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Appearance: Loki is a plain looking person from first glance. Medium sized at about 5í8 he is very lanky and all angles. He has a hooked nose, hooded down turn eyes, and long ashy blonde hair. His hair is usually in a low ponytail, and very clean shaven, his eyes brow light and barely visible. He often wears warm colored clothes, usually loose and light. Loki is surprising striking even with his natural frown.
Human or 'Monster'?: He is a mage.
Powers (if Super): Loki has an exceptional knack for inventive magic that deals with spying or perception, defense and security. He can make any kind of magical trip wire or other booby traps along with wards that are hard to get through. He can also make or find a lot of spying or trace ware. He can tell if someone is lying, who they truly are, and what intentions they may have.
Skills (if Human or Not Super):
He is a perceptive being, one to notice the smallest things.
Weaknesses: Loki is exceptional paranoid, and very secretive. Being very distrustful makes him rather difficult to deal with. His spells all take time and preparation with the exception of a few wards or shields.
Occupation: He is the security and front desk manager of the Nice Nests Apartments.
Living At: Nice Nests Apartments
Character Depth

History (where are you from? How did you get here? Why are you here? ect...): He ended up working at the Apartment building after working with Darby on several projects where he helped her find and procur magical items. He ended up leaving to work there with a new identity after a murder charge was dropped. No one else but a few know the details.
Personality: Loke is a very quiet and judgy person. One always looking the worst he can be a downer, and even mean. He can be known to insult or taunt others, though he has been improving. He is very distrustful, mostly lashing out in fear and insecurity of his own self. He can be very kind, but he is hard to get to know.
Likes and Hobbies: Creating objects/spells. Singing, and has a fondness for fish and turtles. He loves giant human-sized stuffed animals.
Dislikes and Pet-Peeves: He has a hatred for those who talk over him, who donít try to improve and excuses.