Eduard Badescu
Character Details

Name: Eduard Badescu

Age: 460, doesn't look a day over 35; born in 1540

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Human Appearance: A tall, rugged sort of gentleman with a perpetual far-away look in his eyes. He is undoubtedly attractive though there are a few flaws he can be self-conscious about. Namely, his ears that stick out slightly and a collection of strange scars across his body that weren't able to heal correctly. Eduard keeps his hair short nowadays, usually has stubble or thin beard but isn't opposed to shaving when necessary. He has no real fashion preference. Whatever the job requires, he'll put it on. Since he belongs to the same CrossFit group as Eydis, he is muscular and lean.

Height: 6 foot 1 inch
Weight: 183 pounds
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel

Monster Appearance: Several little known legends around Romania dubbed Eduard's wolf as Fiara Fantomă or the Ghost Beast. It is pure white which does reflect the moonlight in a hazy aura not unlike a phantom. It is large but sleek. His own kind called him 'pretty' when he was with a pack which was not a compliment. Pretty didn't make him useful.

Height: 7 foot 6 inch
Weight: 415 pounds
Fur Color: White
Eye Color: Yellow Amber

Human or 'Monster'?: Werewolf

Powers: Just like all others of his kind, being a great big animal in a person suit has its perks.

Speed, agility, senses, physical endurance, and strength are all greater than that of a human. He is immortal, in so long as someone doesn't off him. Wounds that aren't fatal heal at a very rapid rate, with the exception of silver. And, of course, he can shapeshift between his forms at will.

Weaknesses: S.I.L.V.E.R. What does that spell? A horrible allergic reaction with his whole system that prevents wounds from healing properly. Too much of that shiny crap can be fatal. Like with most living organisms, cutting his head off is the only real wound he can't recover from.

Occupation: Records Keeper, back-up Hunter, and Professional Lap Dog; Eydis Lokvici's assistant

Living At: Aurora Sanctum Stronghold in San Diego, California; travels twice as often as the boss lady

Character Depth

History: Eduard was a pup born into a large pack in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in and around Brașov. The central masterminds running the pack doubled as crimelords that had financial control of the corrupt city. They had a monstrous reputation beyond their monstrous forms and were known to be ruthless outside as well as inside their own pack. Young boys were separated from their families and put through brutal, rigorous training until they were either strong enough to be recognized as brethren or branded worthless before being thrown out into the world. 9 times out of 10, banished wolves were hunted down.

By the age of sixteen, Eduard had survived to the point he was about to be recognized by the pack. Before that could happen, a team of hunters infiltrated their training grounds in an effort to break apart the ranks, capture those they could and kill the rest. It was the first assault of many in the Sanctum's effort to dismantle the pack's hold on the region. That first assault was all it took to wrangle Eduard. In fact, he damn near volunteered to go when Eydis Lokvici told him to come along or suck silver.

Against her superior's better judgment, Eydis wound up taking the wayward Eduard under her wing. She helped him slowly recover mentally from the do or die impulses his pack instilled in him. Then, eventually, helped introduce him to a new pack. He stayed in Nuremberg for a time, miserable but safe. The stigma of his bloodline stayed with him thus no one trusted him enough to embrace him as a true pack member. So, he drifted for a time looking for a place he could call home to no avail.

In 1890, fate threw him back onto the same path as Eydis Lokvici. Even though she certainly wasn't a settled individual with a home of her own, he got sucked back into her orbit and wound up staying there. Unlike the werewolves, the Sanctum saw his worth. A good word from Eydis got him in the door and under her wing yet again where he finally felt at home.

Personality: Eduard is a mixed bag of goodies. In social situations, he's a bit shy and closed off. He is a sweetheart with those he cares about; thoughtful, attentive and affectionate. Professional, he picked up on Eydis's better qualities. Namely, being focused, detail-oriented, and thorough with his note-taking. Unlike her, he's learned to be patient.

Personally, there is still a large part of him that feels detached from everything. He has deep psychological scars from the way he grew up and the globally wide rejection of his own kind. The only things anchoring him to anything are the Sanctum and Eydis.

Likes and Hobbies: Eduard never found much interest in hobbies other than fitness. With the way he thinks, he doesn't feel as if he's entitled to something that's purely for his own enjoyment.

Superficially, he does like food. He likes food a lot. With his metabolism, he can and will eat a lot as well. He's long since learned better than to eat on the job. Questioning people while shoving a hero sub into his mouth isn't all that productive. If he could get away with it though...

Dislikes and Pet-Peeves: Due to his own experiences, the one real short-fuse Eduard has is anyone that makes someone else feel like they're worthless. He gets general teasing among friends but emotional abuse burns him up in a hurry.

Other than that, Eduard pretty much likes everyone until they do something to change his mind.