Zenobia is Leah's bodyguard selected by the king after her heroism in protecting the king.
Zenobia is a well muscled and fast moving woman with exotic red hair. She moves with the elegance and grace of a dancer. She dresses lightly in crimson silk clothes which leave her free to maneuver relying upon her grace and skill to avoid injury in battle.
Zenobia seems somewhat introverted with few freinds beyond her acquaintances in the guard and the princess. She is a quiet woman somewhat suspicious and diffident around strangers. She seems largely ignorant of her attractiveness and has never been known to socialise with her fellow guards or others even when off duty
Born into a peasant family with insufficient resources she was given up to the temple of Pelor and trained as one of their dervishes and was finally accepted into the Royal guard , where within a few months she had defeated an assassination attempt on the King and been promoted to command the guard detail protecting the princess
She normally fights with a pair of scimitars one the long Kilij  blade and the other a shorter Yatagan