Leah 'Lightbringer' Bat-Solomon
Leah Light-bringer Bat-Solomon

Description: Leah is a young woman who is 18 summers old, blooming into the most beautiful woman of the kingdom due to her celestial nature and possible angel mother. Her hair is golden, down to her shoulders, and her skin shines like pale yellow gold metal. Her eyes are a piercing blue, curious and innocent. She usually wears a light white spider silk and gold tunic with golden metal strips, and on her head is a small golden crown with a blue sapphire, the same color as her eyes. In combat, she can deploy a shimmering golden mage armor and shield, and when she flies, she sprouts prismatic rainbow wings of light from her back. Her weapon of choice is an evoked blade of fire and light.
Golden Mage Armor
Golden Shield
Spear of Light
Prismastic Wings

Personality: Leah is a shy bookworm, spending her time in the library, and occasionally taking breaks in the Royal Gardens, built for her supposed angel mother. She feels good here. She's rather naive about how the world works, and has an idealistic view of things, of good triumphing over evil, and has an eager curiosity to find books and scrolls she hasn't read yet. She undertakes the Quest for the Nether Scroll to gain knowledge and to use its power for good. She's also somewhat starved for attention, growing up without her mother but with nursemaids, but while her father dotted on her, he's now infatuated with his new Queen and is very busy with running the kingdom.

Background: The only daughter of Bat-Solomon and he claims is an angel warrior, she grew up very isolated in a society that frowned on women, so her elder half-brothers always were expected to take the crown. They were trained as princes and diplomats, leaders and warriors, to become Kings. She was trained to be a princess to be married off for alliances with nearby kingdoms. But her father allowed her into the royal libraries, and she could almost always be found there studying books. She was intelligent, but when she reached puberty she developed her arcane powers, legacy of her mother's angelic blood, focusing on fire and light spells. She was also a lover of the gardens, and spent many hours wandering in them. They were built for her mother by the King, for it reminded her of the Celestial Mountain where she lived.

The king is old now, and the angel has not returned. His sons have converted to the zealotry of the Saint-Cuthberts, demanding total law and obedience from the people, and the royal family to follow suit to their Prophets. The King was already a believer but isn't as fanatical, and has married to a new woman from the north, a princess and priestess of Serpent Gods called Jezebel, dark and sensuous, in order to prevent the Yuan-Ti Empire from annexing his kingdom. For her part, Leah is respectful in temple services, but her heart is not in it.