You See a Huge man that while he is not quite a giant none the less has been to the gym far too many times. He is just a bit over 6 foot tall(~185 cm).
Looking at him and his bulky muscles one would guess that he is 250 pounds (~113 kg) and it looks like very little of that is fat. (The Guess is very wrong about his weight). He seems to be in his 20s

If one sees him without his shirt, One would note that his torso and arms are covered with countless runes and a few geometric designs. And if you see him in shorts, the designs cover his legs as well.

He usually keeps his brown hair and beard short. But the length can vary. He also has brown eyes.

He usually wears jeans, a loose shirt and some boots. Along with a belt with a knife pouch on it with a folding buck knife.
Although his outfit can vary as well.

Appearance 3