Kanno Tel

Kanno is young, less than 20 years old. Even though he has what some would call a fresh face full of youth, his eyes tell a different story. There is a hardness there, and his face looks like it is less adept at smiling than it is at frowning. Towering for a human when not slumped in despair, Kanno stands a few inches over six feet in height. His frame is well-muscled and athletic, broad-shouldered but graceful. He has dark brown hair that has been mostly shaved off except for a bit of a sloped "flat top", though it's starting to grow since his imprisonment. His dark brown eyes are a bit haunted and try to avoid eye contact with anyone. His skin is pale from being inside. He has scraggly facial hair growth from not being allowed to shave. He walks with a barely-noticeable limp in his left leg - it doesn't slow him that much, but it can pain him sometimes, especially in bad weather. He definitely has military bearing to him and his hair clearly used to be in a military short style.