Malcom Reign

Malcom Reign

Character idea:   Malcom Reign is a former member of a Mercenary group known as the Crimson Aces.  Touted as one of the units best Pilots, Malcom also has a gifted tactical mind.  He’s an out of the box thinker and an all-around capable soldier.  He is not officially part of the rebel alliance but has done work for them in the past.  And while he will do morally questionable jobs for most criminal organizations, he avoids working for the Empire stating, “Even a cutthroat mercenary needs to maintain standards of decency and civility.”  A phrase that is usually followed up with a faint smile.

Character stats:  42, Human, Male, Soldier

Character description: Malcom is a tall athletically built human with lean muscles and alert dark eyes.  More often than not he is scruffy and a little unkempt.  While he is not covered in scars he has enough to show he’s been in a scrap or two.  He has several tattoos, one of the Crimson Aces battle standard on his left shoulder.  It is surrounded by 47 tribal markings, rumored to be one for each of his confirmed kills as a Crimson Ace.

Character personality:
  Malcom is focused, intensely so at times but amiable and has an overdeveloped sense of loyalty to his friends and crew.  While he has killed in order to get a job done he is not bloodthirsty and would rather find a nonviolent solution to a problem whenever possible.  He likes kids even though he never wants any of his own and has a soft spot for the underdog.  While he is not purely profit driven, mercenary work is his livelihood.  As a rule he does the least amount of bad possible when doing bad things.

Character history: Malcom Reign was born on a small backwater planet in the Outer Rim’s Auril Sector.  At a young age he fell in with a crew operating in a giant asteroid field known as the Cron Drift.  While they were primarily scavengers the Crew of the Red Sparrow acted as smugglers and on occasion resorted to Piracy.  Piloting in the Cron drift honed Malcom’s skills to a razors edge.  It was during this time he met Commander Gikkin, leader of the Crimson Aces, the space defense force of the planet Repea.  The two became fast friends and eventually Malcom joined the unit, rounding out his soldiering skills in the process.

It was during this time that Malcom met Farrah Vont, a noble woman who was married to a high ranking Repea official.  A secretive love affair grew between the two over the next few years.  But all was not well within the political system of Repea.  Fearful and avaricious Repean politicians, Farrah’s husband among them, feared the Aces would turn against them during the growing galactic unrest.  In concert with the Empire, they wiped out the Aces planetside base and drove the survivors into space.  Farrah was killed during the initial attack and Malcom entered into a dark time of his life.

When commander Gikkin sought his revenge Malcom was by his side.  They recruited mercenary pilots, captured a Nebulon-B frigate they dubbed “The Stacked Deck” and began to sow dissent between Repea and the Empire striking both sides with disguised ships.  A plan that Malcom devised and Gikkin implemented with ruthless efficiency.  Eventually a pair of Star Destroyers delivered the message of vengeance to Repea in the form of orbital bombardment.

The mission was done but Malcom couldn’t remain with the unit.  He had been a part of too much death and so he returned to a life of privateering, scavenging and smuggling floating from ship to ship and system to system.  A life that has very recently landed him in a cell with three others marked for interrogation.