Helaina Ozera
This young and hauntingly beautiful woman could not be more than a year past her majority, if even that.  Neither particularly tall nor short at the mid range of five feet her slender form has a well defined musculature that manages to look more sleek than brutal.

Dressed more like a city guard than anything else all she is missing is a specific set of colors indicating her allegiance.  A fitted but otherwise unimpressive Breastplate and about as generic of a wooden shield as has ever been made make up her obvious protections from the hazards of the road.  As a way to answer those hazards a worn but still very functional Morningstar is attached to a complex set of straps on the her left side of her belt that keep it mostly horizontal and don't allow it to swing to much but clearly takes some getting used to in order to wear and operate.  The soft leather cloak is the only thing that stands out as mildly odd from a distance, until one gets close enough to see the thin white headband running along her hairline that easily blends into her pale flesh tone.