My name is Tarascon, I live in the village of Partena located 30 miles from the Fontenmere Abbey, I am the seventh of 17 siblings (my father was a very active procreator), having 9 women and so many children soon took his due and my father came to poverty having so my mother with which he had me and 2 other children, moved to my grandfather's house some miles from there after my father could not provide for our needs anymore.
My mom worked hard in the agriculture to get money to raise us, when I had enough age to understand the poor we were I decided to do something. For that time a very known cleric from the Fontenmere Abbey came to visit Partena and the lands around to expand his religion. He visited my gandfather's farm and asked something to eat. Being my grandfather a very generous man, he invited the cleric to not only eat but stay until the next day so he could travel safely on daylight. In those hours he was there we made a friendship that would last for many years, he told me he needed an acolyte to help him in the labors of the abbey and he offered me to take me with him and give me a position in the abbey. The opportunity of my life had came and I was not going to waste it. I talked to mom and she kissed me and wished me the best. I went to the abbey where I have lived for the last 20 years.
Three years ago, my mentor died and I was ascended to the category of cleric of the abbey, position I have carried out since.