The Sohei
The Sohei once went by another name, but it had long since been forgotten as all those that had known him before his formal training have long since departed this plane to find their eternal rests...or eternal tortures...on other planes.  It is said that the Sohei entered his training as a mere child, chosen by the gods and then taken by the monks of the warrior caste to begin his intense training. He was locked away for years, forgetting all the things of his previous life as he was honed into a weapon.

Once his training stage was completed, he was set out upon the world, his life-long mission of bringing justice to the suffering and suffering to the unjust.  He traveled for many years through lands far from his home, the rumors of the warrior with the stage staff-sword moving across the area.  Townsfolk came to long for tales of the adventures of this one that many thought was just a legend.  Enemies never thought he was the warrior of legend for the actually man did not seem to live up to the stories, yet he always managed to prevail...or at least survive.

Then he disappeared.  Many thought he had finally met the one enemy he could not best.  Others thought he was only a story and when ideas ran out, the bards moved on to other heroes.  But for whatever reason, he was lost.  Only the direst of threats to reality itself could call him back to action...perhaps for the last time as he, too, looked to take his place among the higher planes.