Mirrim Rixxle
King of the Fey, Mirrim Rixxle is the King of Dawn, and by all accounts, the overall king of the elves of Mrerik. Not entirely true, but most of the elven rulers defer to him on matters that affect the race as a whole. Like all Noble Fey, he is deliberate, exacting and prudent with his plans and the long term goals of his people. He does not do anything politically or economically without good reason, and drew much ire from the other realms of Thernicus when he refused to enter the Great War, keeping the elven borders closed.

He is known to be a powerful arcanist, and his palace has a library that is unrivaled.

He is over a thousand years old, and has ruled Dawn for the last three centuries, having had to deal with the expansion of human kingdoms, and the shrinking of elven held lands.