Yodisk Numlum
Yodisk is a mature elf, with a serene look in his face. His eyes and hair have the colour of old silver.
He is dressed with simple clothes in plain colours, but of good quality.
He has an average height and constitution for a silver fey. He is a little bit stooped over, and when he walks the way he steps it's a little bit odd, probably because of a prolonged bad posture when sitting.

He is not very fond of small talk, but can be quite talkative when it comes to explaining his position in a discussion and showing his arguments. He does not engage in meaningless conversion with other people, so in a tavern he might not talk to many people around him. Some may think it's because ha lacks the social skills to do so, some others may think it's because he lacks the interest to try. Truth is both are partially right.

Anyway he will always have a gentle smiles in his face, but don't mistake it for kindness. He is a just person, but not necessarily merciful.

One important personality trait of Yodisk is his love for investigation and discovery. He will happily help in whatever mission he is entrusted, but he will be taking diversions and delaying it to pursue any promise of knowledge or magic items.