Professor Flea

Professor Flea!
Height 0' 6"
Weight 185#

"My mother calls me Fitzgerald. To my friends I am F. Lee. Those whom I disdain refer to me as Flea."

F. Lee Montomery was a professor of aetherics, descended from a rich prominant family of City Nouveau which had fallen over the years to be merely rich. He was captured by Doctor Lemuria, who forced him to aid in an experiment. The evil scientist plotted to raise the sea levels to flood the earth, but first he had to perfect a process to modify the human body to withstand the ocean's depths.

Montgomery was rewarded for his help by being the first test subject, forced into a high pressure chamber where his captor would observe the affects on his body. Both men were surprised to find he was not slowly crushed to death. Instead, his body was compressed down to miniscule size! Unfortunately for the Doctor, F. Lee's ultra dense muscles greatly increased his strength, allowing him to break out of the chamber and bring Lemuria to justice.

To the professor's eternal consternation, the newspapers misheard his name, and introduced him in the next morning's edition as Professor Flea, a moniker which has stuck to him to this day.

The Indefatigable

Professor Montgomery's steam powered ornithopter, able to shift its wings into plesiosaur mode for underwater travel, and outfitted with a variety of aetheric projectors.