Although AHAB started life as a children's robotic plaything, built of cloth over metal to loosely resemble a rag doll, subsequent upgrades have left her with a harder, more insectile appearance. She's still six inches tall, with a humanoid figure that resembles that of a thin human girl of uncertain age. However, her cloth "skin" has been removed entirely, taking some of her facial features with it and exposing others. Her outer shell still has a pale but human-appropriate color to it, but she has no nose to speak of and a mouth without lips that can close into an almost invisible line. Her sensory organs resemble eyes, save that she has a third one mounted vertically in her forehead and smaller ones between those three, with mixed purple colors within each instead of a normal pupil, iris, and sclera. She has fairly long black hair, presumably also made of some sort of metal. Two metal protrusions emerge from her back, loosely resembling the outlines of butterfly wings built around large, circular holes cut into the middle of each.

AHAB seems to have retained a doll's fashion sense, as usually wears colorful dresses accentuated by large bows in her hair and on her sleeves, waist, or neckline. While she also seems to carry a backpack, it's actually built into her body, though she's able to coordinate its external appearance to match her current outfit. Although she can walk or rest normally if she wants to, she can often be seen floating around instead, using some sort of propulsion from her "wings" folded down at her sides.