Silverback stands just a little over 10' tall and weighs just shy of a ton and has four fully functional arms. His fur is black, thick and clearly not just ordinary fur, his bones are thickened and his muscles more dense than a creature of his size should have, if you ever are lucky enough to see him unclothed he does also have the silverback of a full grown Gorilla that is dominating it's troop.

He wears a full suit complete with a fedora hat all in an elegant silver color, a white shirt and black tie complete the image and just the hint of brass bracers just out of the edge of his four sleeves. A large fancy watch usually adorns one of his four wrists and he normally arrives at functions in a large stretch limo altered for him to drive or sit in the back.

The other driver is his droid, Ohm, who acts as an assistant, agent and sound man for the band that he and Amelia are part of. The little droid is often hovering just out of sight over Silverback's shoulder talking to him over a secure wavelength

When he is out fighting crime Silverback often flys his ship the Chrome Banana, a quad turbo fan with mounted laser Gatling guns.