Name: N4t3
Power(s): Human: Weapon summoning Robot: Near-Indestructibility, Scanners that can see a persons Statistics, Hologram Projection
Race: Cyborg
Age: 16
Eyes: Human: Blue Robot: Red-normal green-scanning blue-hologram
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Outfit: Black shoes, Dark blue jeans, Light blue Short sleeve shirt and orange zip-up hooded sweatshirt.
Human Parts: Torso, Left leg, Right arm, Right nostril, Right eye and Mouth.
Robot Parts: Left eye, Left nostril, Left arm and hand, Right hand, Right leg and foot and Left foot.
N4t3 has no memory of his past except his birthday and only assumes his name based on a sign on his left arm. With the little memories of his past he has he decides to become a hero in order to find them. Also he is the owner of TECHNO which does research on tech and quantum physics (Shrinking and time travel at the moment). He has 2 best friends both named Adam. He loves anything that either involves imagination or being smart.