Violatollia Ellywick Bismarra Den Garrick
Name: Violatollia Ellywick Bismarra Den Garrick
Aliases: Vi, Miss Garrick, Lil' Bit
Height: 2'5"
Weight: 30 lbs
Race: Gnome, Rock
Age: Young Adult

Vi is an often overlooked young woman both due to her timid personality and diminutive stature.  Scrawny even among her fellow Gnomes, she's a pint-sized wallflower at the best of times.  Her passion lies in scholarly pursuits - history, arcana, and the arts, along with a particular fascination with renown spellcasters.  She plies her unique Sorcerous abilities to the creation of magical cards as a means of funding her education, training, and eventual career in spell crafting.  To her, it is both a means and an end - she wants to make cards in order to have enough money to make better cards, expand her network, meet her heroes, and live a comfortable life.

Far from the bold adventurer, Vi doesn't see herself as courageous and tends to have some level of hero worship for those who are braver, stronger, and more talented than she is.  Quite often Vi remains waiting in the wings out of a fear of failure and anxiety about her usefulness, though she can easily be brought out of her shell by those of similar interests to herself.  She thinks she is of more help supporting others rather than being in the spotlight herself and, while confident in the skills she does have, doesn't always readily find ways to ply those talents.

Additionally, Vi is an avid reader, loves dogs, is a giggly drunk, and has an irrational dislike of anything lemon-flavored.