With a cut upon his top lip, Il-Sung, the red haired, black snouted Gnoll, always seems to have a contemptuous smirk on his lip. Marked with scares, one to the left of his left eye and another across his black snout, Il-Sung is a fierce thing to behold. It is clear that his life has always involved some measure of martial conflict whether was training or actual combat against enemies. Between his thick neck, powerful jaw and strong limbs, it is also clear that he likes to test himself and push himself to the limits.

On him at all times is greatsword Udra, the Fell Sword, often unsheathed and always sharp. His armor is a motley sort of thing, pieced together from places and battles that serve as reminders of the conflicts and serve as armor.

Where his fur is mostly a reddish brown, his snout is black, as are the tips of his ears, and down the middle of his neck where his fur is the longest. He also has black on the tips of his fingers, where black claws emerge. This is true for his feet as well, though those are rarely seen, as he keeps his feet in heavy set armored boots most of the time.