In her homid form, Jimena Villareal is five foot six and a springy, muscular 130 pounds. There are scars on her knuckles, and faint, straight one under her right eye, but she doesn't wear more jewelry than a handful of steel studs in her ears. Most of her wardrobe is denim, leather, and band t-shirts; depending on the weather, she's equally likely to be sporting Chuck Taylors or Doc Martens on her feet. She's got a remarkably mobile expression, and her hair is usually cut in some asymmetrical combination of buzz and shag.

Her lupus form is jet black save for the silver tufts that fringe her lower legs and tail. It, too, is compact and muscular. The bounciness that she often manages to hide is more obvious when Jimena wears her wolf shape. She is quick to raise her hackles and reluctant to be still.

When she deigns to take Crinos, Jimena brings all the terror of her tribe to bear. The silver highlights along her forearms and calves become more prominent, even as the rest of her coat seems to absorb the light.