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Kachada Goseyun

Kachada Goseyun, or "Gos" to his Human friends, is not an Elf overly concerned with his physical appearance. Which is not to say that he is slovenly or unkempt, just that matters of fashion do not often cross his more pragmatic mind. He would happily wear a battered but functional attire suited for combat in the presence of the sovereign of a kingdom without batting an eye if he expected that he would have to face danger soon. Comfort and practicality over aesthetics any day, to his mind. That said, Kachada does seem to favor the simple animal leathers of his tribal days. While he recognizes the usefulness of more advanced metalwork, you will never find him in anything heavier than Elven chain. Any hindrance of his movement could spell the difference between life and death, or detection and stealth, which comes out to the same thing in the end.

The body beneath his clothing is much the same, more concerned with practical matters than vain ones. Dark brown hair is kept long and held back with braids, beads, and traditional eagle feathers so that it requires little in the way of maintenance, though it is seen as exotic and strange by most people in civilized lands. To say nothing of the tribal tattoos and old scars on his sun-bronzed flesh. Each mark and spot of white ink a tale to be told around a cheery fire. His face is kept bereft of facial hair, leaving what some would say is a handsome, lantern-jawed face visible to the world. Despite his sheer presence on the field of battle, Kachada is not beyond most humans in either height or weight. Standing just shy of six feet, and just below two hundred pounds, he look more like a traveling dancer than the deadly warrior that he is. All wiry muscle instead of massive iron thews.

But there is a strength and a confidence in that frame that allows him to engage creatures twice his size with nigh equal footing. That same confidence is echoed in the man's intense hazel eyes. They shine with a quiet surety born of experience beyond his years.