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20:45, 1st March 2024 (GMT+0)

Dezdromodu Kanurak

Physical Description: Sealed from head to toe inside sturdy full plate armor with no visible skin gives Dezdormodu a somewhat intimidating look. The removal of her helm changes the dwarf little. Features bald of any hair added to the combination of a clearly repeatedly broken nose, a collection of scars most long faded and an expression for which the word stony is unquestionably fitting means that some prefer the armoured look where at least they are not being treated to a perpetually judgemental look. Or at least it is less easy to realise that they are on the receiving end of that expression.

Fully out of her armor she is about what one might expect from a dwarven woman old enough to have grown children of her own. As firm and unyielding as the mountains they dwell beneath and seemingly as eternal. However Dezdormodu is clearly past her prime, however capable she might have been as a fighter once. She moves that little bit too slow these days, squints more than she used to and generally has the manner of someone continuing as best she can. However her eyes are still sharp and with tools in her hand her touch is still delicately precise.

A weighty looking mace hangs at her waist Despite lacking in obvious decoration of or heraldry and designed for practical use her armor does have some faint concession to make it stand out from the norm, particularly on the gauntlets, with various settings housing small stone objects some with runic writing on and others without. Her shield has a similar design, though oddly all the runes are on the side of the shield facing her rather than the norm for decorations.