Allanah Sebdriel
Typically dressed in loose fitting robes in various virulent shades usually of orange Allanah is a fairly short human woman but carries herself with something of an excess of certainty. Dark haired and brown eyed with her face usually partially concealed behind a light veil there's a near constant flicker of curiosity in her eyes. In her early twenties at most, with little sign of the normal weatherworn skin that most who make their living outdoors tend to have nor the callouses on her hands that might suggest an artisan or warrior. Her features are delicate but there is a confidence to her manner that is beyond her age and a certain imperiousness that suggests she is used to a fairly comfortable life.

Allanah wears an extensive range of discrete but stylish rings, bracelets and necklaces, all matched carefully to her choice of attire of the moment. While adventuring that is not as noticeable but those who have the fortune of enjoying her company outside of that life are fortunate enough to see an array of meticulously selected clothing for every occasion.