Lyora Bolton
Lyora stands a few inches over 5 feet tall, and has long blond hair that she keeps in the latest styles. Her eyes are a deep blue, like a lake on a summer's day. She has a small, slightly upturned nose, cheeks that are naturally rosy, full lips, and a blemish-free complexion.

The Bolton heiress generally wears the latest fashions in the court, and has been known to request updates from the large Southron cities on frivolities like recent dress cuts, fashionable footwear, and jewelry that is in style. The updates are made by raven, which has apparently annoyed the maester of the Dreadfort on more than one occasion, though apparently her mother (formerly a Hightower) approves of that use of resources.

She is 19 years of age.

Lyora's disposition is often described as 'sunny'. Even on the worst of days, she provides fresh energy to any room she enters. Her words seem to be chosen very carefully and employed in a way that will be appreciated.

Lyora is a firm believer that knowledge is power, though her intellect and deep understanding of many subjects are only on display when she wishes. She understands that many are intimidated by smart women, and censors her own speech to meet expectations.

As she is a Bolton, there are rumors that Lyora has a darker side. Whether this is typical slander that her family has to endure or an accurate depiction of how she acts privately is difficult to verify. In any case, she doesn't entirely try to squash those rumors, presumably because she believes a little bit of fear to be a good thing.

Lyora is a highly educated member of the nobility. She was always very keen on gathering more knowledge and believes that it is particularly important for a woman to develop her mind if she's going to affect the world around her.

Apparent Qualities: Attractive, Heir, Courteous