Jocelyn Burley
Jocelyn is a pretty young lady with bright green eyes and soft, delicate facial features. She takes after her mother. She smiles often and has a lovely singing voice. She wears her brown hair in fancy styles, which she imagines make her look like a fashionable lowland lady; she particularly likes wearing flowers in her hair. She loves to dress up but because she is of the mountain clans she doesnít often get to, so she makes the best of what she wears. Although she works hard at keeping up with fashions, sheís usually behind the times.

Personality: Sweet, cheerful and bursting with enthusiasm. Jocelyn is gentle and always sees the bright side of things, even when it isnít really there. She very well mannered, although her curiosity sometimes gets her into trouble. She loves her family and is very supportive of them.
She can be shy around southerners (all non-clansmen), and is always very careful with her manners around them. Sheís afraid of being dismissed as a clanswoman barbarian.She is obedient towards her family, but sometimes chides her brothers for not acting like southern nobles (which they arenít, but thatís details to her).