Athrogate has the stout and powerful build of a typical dwarf. He wears his brown beard parted in the middle, with four long braids of straight hair running down to his waist, each tied off at the end with a band set with three sparkling blue gemstones. His bushy eyebrows nearly covered his black eyes.


Athrogate wears a broad belt depicted with metal lightning bolts.

He fights with twin gray glassteel morning stars, with spiked metal heads attached to the ends of adamantine chains. He calls them Cracker and Whacker. On command, the left-hand morning star, Cracker, emits from the small nubs on the striking ball a dark reddish and chalky fluid, the ichor of a rust monster, which corroded other metals on contact. The right-hand morning star, Whacker, coated itself with a clear, blue-gray and oily liquid known as oil of impact.


Athrogate is a descendant of the Ironstar Clan, one of the original clans of the Kingdom of Delzoun.  He keeps his true identity a secret to all.

He was raised at Citadel Felbarr, a dwarven stronghold east of Mithral Hall and south of Citadel Adbar. An orc clan raided Felbarr and Athrogate's children and wife, Gerthalie, were slain. When the call went out to reclaim Felbarr, Athrogate didn't answer and thus did not return when his fellow dwarves reclaimed Felbarr some 300 years later.

Losing the will to fight or return back to his home ever again after witnessing his wife and children being slaughtered before his eyes by orcs, Athrogate cast himself out from any form of dwarven brotherhood for his own grief, and (thanks to a curse of longevity) spent the next 300 years wallowing in self-pity and anguish, taking up the life of a killer-for-hire and drinking, joking, and rhyming the days away to hide what ailed him.