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16:32, 13th April 2024 (GMT+0)


Sabi is a 15 foot tall creature that very loosely resembles a hairless gorilla with an outer skin formed from a strange blend of mottled flesh and carbon fibre or some other man-made material. Some portions of her body bear shell-like armour plates, and curious patches of creatures akin to large barnacles appear to have made themselves at home about her extremities and other difficult to reach spots of her hide. Her head is a smooth and featureless bony plate broken only by a savage row of teeth, yet despite this she seems to experience no real difficulty in navigating the world or producing an approximation of a human voice. Perhaps the indents that dot her muscular forelimbs house eyes or she has some other altogether stranger means of perception. Who knows.

Her limbs end in something akin to an elephant’s foot, and in lieu of hands a mass of dexterous prehensile tentacles grope outward from about Sabi’s chest and shoulders. Their texture is plasticky and unnatural, and their sharp tips make them no less functional as a means of defence than as manipulators. She's just as capable of typing on a keyboard as she is piercing through steel, at least so long as she can squat low enough to reach the keys.

When she speaks it is in a soft and breathy female voice with a slightly stilted hitching cadence, sounding more than a little like an AI piecing together words than anything natural. Quite where her voice comes from isn’t exactly clear as it sounds as though it were directed at the listener regardless of where they stand in her immediate vicinity.