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Thibault the Tailor

Orphaned at birth, Waterdeep's Order of Master Tailors, Glovers, and Mercers has been the only family Thibault has ever known. Within the walls of the guild headquarters his crimson skin and ivory horns were away from the prying eyes of Waterdeep's citizens, and he was left in peace to cut and sew the most magnificent clothes for anyone who could afford his work.

Having recently finished his apprenticeship, Thibault is setting out into the world to make his mark - his dream is to join the noble families of Waterdeep, and whether that be by marriage or outright purchase of a title from an impoverished family he'll need a lot more gold than a tailor can make, even one as talented as he.

Thibault is 5'9" tall and his all-black eyes stand out sharply against his smooth crimson skin. He wears his straight black hair pulled back in a ponytail bound by a grey silk ribbon, and his head is crowned by two stout ivory horns that curve backwards from his forehead. A finely manicured goatee finishes the look.

He dresses immaculately in finely crafted grey woolen trousers tucked into soft black leather boots, with a matching woolen vest with shiny silver buttons and lined with blue velvet over a fine white linen shirt. In cold weather he wears a heavy black woolen cloak, the inside of which is lined with the rusty red fur of the Autumn squirrel.

Thibault is handsome (in a classically devilishly way), witty, and charming, and enjoys the finer things in life - fine food, art, and fashion. He takes great pride in his appearance and originally took up magic because of cleaning and mending cantrips which he still uses extensively.

His familiar is a small black weasel named Mr. Measley.