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Lithe of build and 178 cm tall, Zaxarus "the Rattler" cuts a rakishly handsome figure, dipping into pretty. His deceptively casually unkempt-looking hair and goatee are kept carefully groomed to just the right degree of untidy to project an image of confidence rather than slovenliness. He has red skin and eyes, black hair and a pair of horns that curve back from his temples, close to his skull. His long tail is covered in fine, red scales, with a gray diamond pattern running down the back. It ends in a segmented keratin rattle of the same sort as that found on rattlesnakes, and works in the same way, too.

Zax dresses in a worn but well-kept leather armor, decorated with various cheap but shiny trinkets - shards of colored glass, mostly. His favored weapons are a pair of short swords worn on his hips, though he carries a pair of daggers on him for easy access, too, and packs at least one missile weapon when he's traveling.

The tiefling carries himself with a swashbuckler's swagger, and is typically sociable and friendly in a sometimes overbearing way. His accent and vernacular hints at him being far from a local boy. Though he may come off as snide and cocksure, those who get to know him may discover his mean-as-a-rattler attitude to be skin-deep when all is said and done, hiding a soul that can be both gentle and kind, under the right circumstances.